Code of Conduct - Klein Geflügelfeinkost

Our Code of Conduct

Klein GmbH & Co. KG covenants to conduct its business activities in an ethical, legal and responsible manner. For this reason, Klein GmbH & Co. KG observes the following self-imposed code of conduct about social responsibilities.

Businessmen in a meeting

1. Voluntary employment

Klein GmbH & Co. KG does not use any forced labour or corvee, which involves all work or services performed under the threat of punishment or whose performance was provided involuntarily by any person. It is also forbidden to retain personal identification documents of employees upon entrance into their employment relationship.

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective wage negotiations are respected

Klein GmbH & Co. KG observes and respects the employees‘ right to freedom of association and their right to elect their representatives freely and independently and warrants that these representatives shall not be exposed to any form of discrimination. The company also acknowledges the employee’s right to collective wage negotiations.

3. Safe and sanitary labour conditions

The company makes sure that the place of work and its surroundings (machinery, equipment and work sequence, chemical agents etc.) do not jeopardize neither the physical integrity nor the health of the employees. Appropriate steps for reducing the risk of accidents and improving labour conditions are the objective of optimization processes taking place on a regular basis. In addition to that, employees will attend trainings on workplace safety and health. Employees must have guaranteed access to potable water, sanitary facilities and social rooms which were established in compliance with the applicable legal provisions and which are accordingly maintained. The workplace and its surroundings must be equipped with appropriate emergency exits, fire protection devices and sufficient lighting installations. An adequate protection for non-smokers must be provided as well.

4. Non-use of child labour

Klein GmbH & Co. KG does not accept any employment of children younger than 15 years, unless permitted by legal provisions, however, in no case at an age of less than 14 years. Should the applicable laws stipulate a higher minimum age for employment or should compulsory school attendance at the age of more than 15 years be terminated, this age limit will be considered as valid. General apprenticeship or training programmes attended by children in schools or other institutions are excluded from these limitations. All young employees must be protected from performing any work that is considered as dangerous in all likelihood, which adversely affects the child’s education or health or its physical, psychological, social, mental or moral development. Children and teenagers who are less than 18 years old must not be employed at night or under dangerous circumstances.

These regulations and processes shall be in accordance with the relevant ILO standards.

5. Living wages

The company covenants to pay no wages inferior to the legally valid minimum wage. Klein GmbH & Co. KG will neither reduce nor retain wage payments, neither due to disciplinary sanctions nor as a requirement for employment. Remuneration paid to employees must comply with all applicable laws on wages and salaries, including the provisions on minimum salaries, overtime hours and legally stipulated benefits.

6. No excessive working time

Klein GmbH & Co. KG covenants that the applicable legal working time limitations are observed. The permitted maximum working time per week is regulated by national laws and subject to the conventions of the International Labour Organization. The limitation of overtime hours is regulated by regional legal or contractual obligations. Except for extraordinary circumstances and for a limited period, employees have the right to at least one day off per week. The required breaks are granted to avoid any hazard to the safety and health of the employees.

7. No discrimination

Klein GmbH & Co. KG will not tolerate any discriminating steps or actions. Discriminations means all kinds of distinction, expulsion or privilege which restrict the equal treatment or access to job and employment opportunities and which may result from skin colour, gender, religious confession, political belief, age, national, social or ethnic origin, family commitments or related considerations. Klein GmbH & Co. KG are committed to providing jobs that are free from any kind of harassment or bullying. Physical abuse or punishment and threats of physical abuse, sexual or other molestations and name-calling or other forms of intimidation are not permitted.

8. Legal compliance

All business activities of Klein GmbH & Co. KG will have to comply with all applicable legal requirements on a national and international level in the same way as with the Klein GmbH & Co. KG Standards in terms of employment and production. Klein GmbH & Co. KG further covenants to fulfill the applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations in all its business activities.

9. Environment

Processes and standards of waste treatment, dealing with and disposal of chemical and other hazardous materials, of emissions and water treatment must at least meet or be stricter than the legal minimum requirements.

This code of conduct derives from the ETI Base Code. The ETI Base Code is founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and is an internationally recognised code of the work practice.